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Your first week in Cuba
Language courses in Cuba - the first week of your language course

 This is a quick 7 day guide of what to expect from learning Spanish in Cuba ….


> Arrival –      Meet the host family …

From the airport, where you will catch a taxi and go to the meeting point. You then meet the host family who you will stay with during your language program in Cuba. You will be sent details of the meeting point along with the confirmation booking.

> Day 1 –       At the language program…

On the first day of the language course, all clients are expected to arrive at 08.30 at the same meeting point from the first day to meet their teacher. Here you will have a quick Spanish test in order to place you in the suitable class. Classes then start straight after. The timetable will be explained to you along with the times for music and dance lessons if you have booked them. 
In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow classmates and students at the language program as at 20.30 everyone gets together for a welcome-and-orientation meeting.

> Day 2 –       Getting into the spirit …

After having everything finalised and now feeling settled you will now be adjusting to the Cuban lifestyle. You will continue Spanish classes in the morning, and in the afternoon you can do what you like. If you have chosen the dance or music course then you will continue these classes. Or maybe you will feel like a siesta before you enjoy the delights of Cuban cuisine with your host family and party the night away.

> Day 3 –       Relax on the beach!

You will now be getting into the swing of things on the Spanish course and it is now time to hit the beach, relax with a cocktail and sunbath in paradise on one of Cuba’s beautiful beaches.  

> Day 4 –       If it’s a Thursday that means …  

It is time to meet again, at 20.30 everyone gets together to know the options that are available for the weekend.  

> Day 5 –       Start the weekend early …  

After a week of intensive Spanish classes, it is time to practise what you have learnt and blend into the Cuban culture. Students usually get together and take a trip around the island. A night out in Cuba can be dancing the night away on Varadero beach or enjoying the great bars with a taste of Cuba’s cocktails and famous rum. The island has a whole range of cultural activities including the theatre, ballet and opera. Our local teams are always at a helping hand as well for any advice on what to do.

> Day 6 –       A trip to a rum and tobacco factory …

A visit to a rum factory is a must, not only will you get to learn a little about the history of this drink but also have a little taster at the end. And of course, a visit to Cuba cannot go without a tour of one of the famous Cuban cigar factories. Our local teams also arrange other excursions around the whole island of Cuba including trips to beaches and cultural excursions and religious sites.

> Day 7 –       Tour the city …

One of the best ways to get around the city and see the island is to rent a bike or take a taxi. Both methods are cheap and provide an excellent way of seeing the whole island. Our language schools will help you with any further questions you may have.  

Tim Morley 2007-10-10
""Elvira was just brilliant. She is the best language teacher I have ever had. Very patient, but very attentive to her student needs. Each day I turned up she has meticulously prepared the clas..."   read more
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