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StudyTeam Cuba - Frequently Asked Questions
Bookings & Availability
> How do I book?
  • To book the course, please fill out the booking form on our website. Please click here to go directly to the bookingform. 
  • Confirmation: You will receive confirmation by email.
  • Per participant a deposit of 10 % is required for bookings made more than 6 weeks before the course is due to start.
  • Full payment is required 42 days prior to the first date of the course. Please read under Payments and Refunds to find out more.
  • Two weeks before the the course start date you will receive an e-mail together with an itinerary of the course details containing all school and course information.  
> Is there a minimum age?
            Yes, all clients must be 18 or over to take a language course in Cuba.
> Can I book at the last minute?
Yes, we take bookings up to 48 hours before the course start date, depending on availibility. Please book online and be flexible on the choice of destinations.
> How soon do I have to enrol?
During the summer months, courses are often fully booked so we recommend to book as early as possible!
Course Information
> Why learn Spanish in Cuba?
People learn Spanish for a number of reasons: some for work or business, some for education and preparation for university or exams and others simply for fun. The difference of choosing StudyTeam Cuba is that you get a destination that offers Caribbean paradise and the ultimate travel experience. Not only is Cuba a beautiful country, it also has a population that is very friendly and hospitable. With our expertise of over ten years on the beautiful island of Cuba, you are guaranteed a fun and exciting learning Spanish holiday.
> How will my course run?
All classes are taught in the morning. Depending on the programme you choose we will decide your timetable. You will register on Monday morning at the language school and your full timetable will be given there.    
> Do I need to prepare for the course?
You do not need to prepare for the course as our courses are taught from complete beginner level. However, reading up on some key phrases or a bit of practise before you go will mean that you improve at a faster rate in Cuba.
> Is it possible to book a course without accommodation?
Yes, but you will have to find a hotel or guesthouse yourself. If you want further information on this then please contact us.
> Do I receive a qualification or certificate?
Yes, you will receive an end of course certificate confirming the course you have taken, the language school and the level reached once you have completed our questionnaire.  
> What do I do on arrival?
We recommend clients to take a taxi from the airport to their chosen destination. You will receive the exact details of the destination's meeting point in your confirmation email. Please note: there is an airport tax on departure of approximately $25 convertible pesos.                
> Do I need a visa?
To enter Cuba every tourist needs a passport (that is still valid for 6 months after arrival) and a tourist visa that normally can be purchased together with the flight. This tourist visa is usually valid for 30 days. At the immigration office one extension of 30 days can be made.   
> Is Cuba safe?
Yes, in fact Cuba has the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere. There is a visible police presence specifically to protect and help tourists. Please take caution in the cities and be aware of your belongings.
Payments & Refunds
> Our Policy
All cancellations incur a loss of the deposit, set at 10 % of the booking. In addition the following charges apply:
  • Cancellation 6 weeks prior to the start of the course: 90% refund.
  • Cancellation between 6 and 4 weeks prior to the start of the course: 70% refund.
  • Cancellation between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the start of the course: 50% refund.
  • Cancellation between 2 and 1 weeks prior to the start of the course: 25% refund.
  • Cancellation 7 days - 1 day prior to departure, no refund.
    After a course has started, there is no refund for any course, accommodation or other item booked.
> Can I pay a deposit and pay the rest later?
  • Yes, a client can make a deposit of 10%, but all outstanding payments must be paid 42 days before the start of the course. If the remanding fees are not received, then StudyTeam Cuba may cancel the course (and accommodation) booked.
  • Full payment is required for bookings made less than 42 days prior to the start of the course date.
Caroline Maas 2007-10-10
""I would like to thank StudyTeam Cuba for this unforgettable experience! Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place, it has the beauty of Trinidad and the power of Havana. Just enough of each to ma..."   read more
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