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Study Spanish in Trinidad, Cuba

Spanish courses in Trinidad
In Trinidad you have the opportunity of learning Spanish in a historical Cuban city. The city is a beautiful example of the Spanish colonial past. Here you can study Spanish and enjoy the Cuban culture at its fullest. The friendly and open nature of the local Cubans will allow you to put into practice the Spanish you have learnt during your language course. Our school also offers Language & Dance courses and Language & Music courses.


The City

Trinidad is a small beautiful town with magnificent beaches and spectacular waterfalls in the scenic surrounding hills. It is a quiet tranquil town with lovely plazas, churches, red tiled houses and the echo of salsa coming out of the courtyards. Trinidad has thankfully escaped the modern tourist infrastructure and modern hotels that are normally found in popular tourist destinations. The city was marked by UNESCO in 1988 as a World Historical Site. The town retains a taste of Cuban culture like no other and is the perfect destination to learn Spanish and experience the real Cuban spirit.



Activities and Excursions

The language school arranges a number of activities for you to explore the real Cuban culture. If you are interested in sports, there are different sport possibilities at the beach, such as football, tennis, scuba dinving, snorkelling and fishing. The school organizes regular excursions to one of the rum museums or tobacco factories. And also day trips to Valle de los Ignios on a nineteenth century style train or a boat trip to Cayo Blanco. Remember, Cuba is a country of splendid scenery, marvellous historical cities and that feeling of difference.


StudyTeam Tip! 

Vinales valley has arguably the most beautiful scenery in Cuba. It lies in West Cuba, only 35 km from Trinidad. The valley is characterised by green fields of tobacco and other crops, red earth and impressive round-topped hills, which are called "mogotes". Please ask for more information on arrival.



Caroline Maas 2007-10-10
""I would like to thank StudyTeam Cuba for this unforgettable experience! Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place, it has the beauty of Trinidad and the power of Havana. Just enough of each to ma..."   read more
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